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PINK PEARL SIGNATURE (Maintenance Blend) - Pink Pearl Inc.
PINK PEARL SIGNATURE (Maintenance Blend)

The perfect place to start your Yoni Steaming journey, our Signature Blend is the holy grail of herbal blends—and a favorite amongst our Yoni Steaming community. Packed with the most precious ingredients sourced from around the world, it stimulates deep...


TOUCH ME (Sexy Blend) - Pink Pearl Inc.
TOUCH ME (Sexy Blend)

At Pink Pearl we encourage sexual exploration on your journey to your yoni happy place. Regain your mojo and tap into the spark you may have lost with our sensual Touch Me blend. When toxins build up in our bodies...


S&M BLEND (Blend for Fibroids) - Pink Pearl Inc.
S&M BLEND (Blend for Fibroids)

Almost 80% of all women will have uterine fibroids by age 50. Fibroids are benign (not cancerous) growths that develop from the muscle tissue of the uterus. Because we understand firsthand the pain and discomfort that results from this common...


OH BABY! (Fertility Blend) - Pink Pearl Inc.
OH BABY! (Fertility Blend)

Just as its name suggests, this Pink Peal exclusive blend of natural herbs was specifically made for those struggling with infertility. But how does it work? Medicinal properties released from the steam are absorbed into the bloodstream to aid in...


Yoni Steaming  Herbs - FINE WINE (Blend for Menopause)
FINE WINE (Blend for Menopause)

Like a fine wine, women only get better with time. To pay homage to our ever-changing bodies in all of their beauty, we created a blend of natural herbs that focuses on pampering your yoni and easing the symptoms of...


SNAP BACK (Postnatal Blend) - Pink Pearl Inc.
SNAP BACK (Postnatal Blend)

Pink Pearl’s Snap Back blend is the Mother of all herbal recovery blends. Providing relief during the postpartum stage of childbirth, it enhances your body’s natural abilities to shed waste from your uterus, giving your body a chance to heal...


ONYX (Men’s Blend) - Pink Pearl Inc.
ONYX (Men’s Blend)

Here at Pink Pearl, we care about our men’s health as well. That’s why we created a blend of natural herbs designed just for men. When toxins build up in a man’s body, it can cause testosterone levels to decrease,...


HAPPY FEET (Foot Soak)- Pink Pearl Inc.
HAPPY FEET (Foot Soak)

Pink Pearl’s Happy Feet blend is an herbal detox foot soak that gives our tired, overworked feet a much-needed pick-me-up. Specially chosen herbs are mixed together and designed to pull toxins out of the body through the feet while profoundly...


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